Home Stay Living
As an alternative to living in the Residence, students have the option of living with a Canadian family (Home Stay) located close to the College.  These host families are carefully selected by our school with the students’ comfort and safety in mind. 
Students who plan to live with Canadian local families are required to apply before they come to Canada.  A Home Stay coordinator will find the most suitable family according to the student’s requirements listed on the Home Stay Application Form.  Usually, a Home Stay Coordinator will provide two to three options for students.  These families are very experienced in hosting international students and can provide a safe, comfortable and caring living environment.  Moreover, these families are in frequent communication with Bond and are willing to help students integrate into the local culture.  We work very closely with our host families to provide a Canadian home for you. 

Some of the key benefits of our Home Stay include:

•    It provides a daily opportunity for international students to improve their practical English skills
•    Student will have a private/shared furnished room
•    Students are taken care of by their host family like a family member
•    There are many opportunities for local community involvement by joining host family activities
•    The host family will assist the student with self-discipline
•    Our Home Stay Program offers a truly Canadian living experience, plus valuable life experience through which young international students grow and thrive.

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