Residence Living

Bond International College provides integrated care and services for international students from all over the world.  International students are well supported by our staff upon their arrival, and during the whole period of their stay, at Bond.  Bond International College offers an ideal accommodation, at an affordable price, to more than one hundred students.  Given such a friendly and caring environment, students are provided with an excellent learning environment and quality living conditions allowing them to focus on their studies and participate in extra-curricular activities.  Our students learn to understand and accept each other while living with their peers from all over the world.

Some of the key benefits of our Residence include:

Residence is open 365 days a year, no need to move out of Residence during public or school holidays
Residence staff live in the Residence to ensure 24-hour total care
Dedicated Residence staff meet regularly with the students to track their residential, academic, and social progress
Morning wake-up call each morning and evening room checks
Residence students receive assistance with their homework from qualified teaching staff of Bond International College
Extra-curricular activities and exciting group activities, allow our Residence students to integrate and make new friends
Accessible Transportation: Located 2.3 km from school; school bus picks up and drops off students from Residence to school, TTC bus routes are close by
Holiday activities and festive celebrations
Legal custodianship is provided to all the Residence students, under 18 years of age, to meet Canada’s immigration requirement