An Unforgettable Trip to Bata Shoe Museum

On May 23, 2017, the students and teachers of ESL Foundations, ESL CO, and ESL DO went on a trip to the Bata Shoe Museum. It was a sunny day well suited for a spring trip. I looked forward to the trip for three weeks. We saw lots of different kinds of shoes from all around the world in the museum. We learned the history and the culture of all the shoes, and we learned knowledge about some of the countries. It was a good trip!

First, with the tour guide leading us, we went into a small exhibition room. The guide’s name was Andrea. She is a kind and humorous lady. She showed us some very special shoes that we had never seen before. What impressed me most was a pair of clogs from Holland. They were made of wood and had a pattern of windmills and tulips. Windmills and tulips are symbols of Holland, which gives us a glimpse of which country the clogs belong to. However, I think they would be inconvenient to wear to work! She also showed us a pair of wooden shoes from Japan called getas. They’re also very special and made of wood. The bottom is made up of two pieces of wood which elevate the shoes from the ground, because Japan is wet and the getas can be used for walking on a rainy day to prevent slipping. They can also prevent scratches on the feet from prickly plants. I was very interested in knowing the culture behind different kinds of shoes.

After we got a chance to touch and hold the different kinds of shoes, we explored the museum. I saw a lot of shoes I had never seen before. I saw many tiny shoes for dolls. They are very fancy and cute. I imagine any girl would like to have these shoes for her dolls. I also saw Chinese embroidered shoes. They were designed for women in ancient China. In ancient times, people regarded little feet as beautiful. It was a feudal thought that caused the girls to suffer from an early age and also caused deformities.

Overall, I was fascinated by the collection during my visit. I gained a lot and enriched my knowledge. I am very grateful for this trip, which I will never forget. I look forward to the next trip with my classmates and teachers.

---- by Feiyang Zhang, ESL DO